The Dominican Republic

The culture of the Dominican Republic is rich, beautiful and unique.  All of our pastors, born and raised in the Dominican, have received pastoral training and they participate in continuing education.  Church activities happen throughout the week, not just on Sunday mornings.  Small groups meet regularly and there are many opportunities for one to one discipleship. 


El Aposento


About 102,000 people live in Tamboril, yet less than 2% are actively involved in a Christian church Community. We want to change that 2%, so that more people can know the love of Jesus
— Kerlyn Peña

Tamboril is a town of about 102,000, located on the outskirts of Santiago.  The town is saturated in a rich tobacco culture.  The majority of Tamboril’s economy is supported through the production of cigars, and in this part of the world cigar-making is both a cultural art and a thriving international business.  It has been estimated that 81% of the population in this area is employed by the cigar industry.  Most employees begin working in a cigar factory at a young age, and many families have enjoyed supporting themselves in this way for generations.

Unfortunately, the churches of Tamboril do not approve of their members working in the cigar industry and tell them to quit their professions if they want to continue to be a part of the church. Many cigar workers’ families have fallen into poverty and debt as a result of leaving their jobs for the church. Alternatively, there are many who chose not to follow Christ because they do not want their families to suffer. Culture teaches the people of Tamboril that working with cigars and being a Christian are mutually exclusive.

El Aposento leadership is building a discipleship-based church community in Tamboril that encourages people to "come just as you are". Their mission in this area is to create a safe environment for all, providing Christ-based discipleship by empowering every local to transform their communities through faith, service, and love.


Gabby Peña leading an English course. 

Gabby Peña leading an English course. 


As a church community we want to invest in the lives of one another, serve our community, and create opportunity for education and growth.